Romy Indy

  • City: Amsterdam
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Age: 21
  • Height: 5.77
  • Weight: 134
  • Stats: 31/24/36

Romy Indy comes from Amsterdam where she's born 21 years ago. Sparkling, enthusiastic and full of energy, Romy invaded the entire studio space with her sweet and delicate fragrance. She walked into our dressing like a child in a candy store and tried on over 200 outfits, so much she loved this abundance of originality. Cause yes, Romy rhyme with originality! Look like no one else but herself and only do what she wants when she wants. The result is just dazzling, both in the quality of her movements and in the originality of her interpretations! A free electron that will electrify your screen!


Your Invitation Awaits
A Girl For You
Oriental Hottie
Incoming Bunny
Cheer For Me
Yellow Is In

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