Svetlana U

  • City: Kherson
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Age: 29
  • Height: 5.84
  • Weight: 132
  • Stats: 34/26/37

This beautiful blondie is Svetlana U! She came to us from her hometown Kherson in Ukraine! It is important to underline how positive and full of energy Svetlana was when filming with us! She has such an adorable personality which made working with her so much fun! Svetlana has a few surprising hobbies! First off, she plays the violin perfectly and is a big fan of classical music. She also loves spending her time roller-blading whenever she can. Svetlana told us she was a nudist which was the only thing we were not surprised about :) Her shows are as amazing as her! Enjoy!


The Devil In U
Dark Sophistication

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